Barn Owl Boxes Provides Live Streaming Owl Video

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barn owl boxes streaming videoDid you know that you can watch live barn own antics right on this website? Barn Owl Boxes provides "Owl Cam" 24 hours a day so that everyone can enjoy the activities of these magnificent birds of prey on their own computer screens.

Our live feed (which is currently dormant) is exactly the same live feed that, three years ago, documented the daily activities of Molly, an adult barn owl who laid a clutch of eggs in an owl nesting box in San Marcos, California. Molly was about 14 inches tall and weighed about a pound, but had a wingspan of 43 inches! This wide wingspan gives raptors, or birds of prey, the ability to sail silently on the wind then suddenly plunge down, grabbing up their food as they go with their sharp talons.

Viewers of our Owl Cam will thrill to see a barn owl in its daily routine and to share the nesting box with their life partner. Barn owls are one species that mates for life, and the male barn owl has the job of hunting and providing the female barn owl with food while she sits on her clutch, a group of eggs that she is attempting to hatch. Once the little ones are hatched, both the mother and the father will provide food for them and teach them to hunt when they are old enough to leave the nest.

The adventures of Molly and McGee have been ongoing since 2010, when the pair took up nesting in a San Carlos owl nesting box provided by Barn Owl Boxes. Since then, visitors to their Owl Cam have delighted in watching this beautiful pair of barn owls on their journey through life and parenthood. Breathless viewers witnessed the hatching of the baby owls and followed them through their growth and training period. Since then, many more followers have become fans of "Molly and McGee!"

You can follow our next set of barn owls on the Barn Owl Boxes website by clicking on the "Live Feed Owl Cam" link on the home page. While no owl is currently sitting on a clutch of eggs, you never know what may happen in a barn owl box! The best time to view the barn owls is after dark Pacific Standard Time, since barn owls are nocturnal and are more likely to be active during the evening hours.

Barn Owl Boxes can help you enjoy your own "owl show." Install a barn owl nesting box in your yard with a live feed cam and you will be able to create your own "Molly and McGee" show!

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