FAQ - Barn Owl Boxes.com


Where do I install my barn owl box?

These boxes are professionally installed as I draw on 40 years experience as a falconer to assure they are mounted at the proper height, location and pointed in the right direction.

Can I install the Owl Box myself?

Yes. Please call us for the instruction manual, or details on how to get the box professionally installed

Do the Owl Boxes need any maintenance? 

No. They are self cleaning and maintenance free. 

What is different about your owl boxes than ones I've seen on other sites? 

We have over 20 years experience in building owl boxes, installing owl boxes and our experience has led to create a near perfect owl box that is almost guaranteed to attract owls. Each of our barn owl boxes are hand made using fine Luan Mahogany and feature a Manzanita perch. Our boxes are self cleaning, maintenance free, and can come shipped with a camera that can be attached to your home so you can watch your new owl family.

The Hoo's Hoo model owl box is the box featured on UStream's "Molly and McGee". 

Do the boxes have drainage holes or slats along the edge?

They have drainage holes. Barn owls should not be disturbed, so we have designed our boxes so they never need cleaning or any other maintenance.

Other websites are recommending annual cleaning, with a side or top that can be opened?

Barn owls should not be disturbed, so I have my designed my boxes so they never need cleaning or any other maintenance.

What are the dimensions and weight of your boxes?

They are a little bigger than a breadbox. You can view our online store for product dimensions and weight. 

If we place a barn owl box in a pine tree, would the chains damage the tree or kill the branch?

We used to use heavy gauge wire with U shaped nails pounded into the branch. This did not work as the branch later sometimes would fail. We now use chains that wrap around the branch in such a way that they overlap and lock so they do not move.

The chains in time will be included into the branch so we usually place the box on a smaller secondary branch so that in the event of a limb failure, the aesthetic appeal of the trees' canopy is not ruined. we have never had a limb failure yet since we began using the chain method.

Feel free to call or contact us if you have any questions.